Jennifer Borocz first started playing golf around the age of 10. She was a multi-sport athlete growing up and didn’t start playing until her dad picked the game up himself. As a multi-sport athlete, Jennifer was more focused on her other sports including basketball and softball.

“The Minnesota PGA section had a really nice junior tour and I got to play courses that I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to play. Those were the only Junior events I played as I played AAU basketball and travel softball.”

It wasn’t until Jennifer’s senior year in high school when she really thought that her golf would potentially lead to something more.

“Sam Houston State approached me the summer after my senior year, and I was so grateful for that opportunity. It was life changing at the time and led me down the path I’m currently on.”

Jennifer was elected to PGA membership in June 2009. She was the first graduate of the Sam Houston State PGA Golf Management program. One of the internships that came from her time at Sam Houston was at TPC Twin Cities. That experience led her to TPC Sawgrass.

“The TPC network was really good to me and taught me a lot of really good things right out of college. The reputation I earned at TPC, led me to become the Jacksonville University Head Women’s Golf Coach.”

In 2019, Jennifer was looking for a change as her son was becoming more involved with travel sports and she also wanted to start competing again herself.

“I was the Tournament Chair for the Northern Chapter of the NFPGA and that led me to the position I currently hold now with the North Florida PGA Section office.”

I asked Jennifer what she thought her biggest motivation was to excel like she does competitively. She said the following…

“I’m competitive in every aspect of my life. I now get to share that with my family. Trying to be a good role model and lead by example for our soon to be 10-year-old son.”

Jennifer feels like her position with the NFPGA Section office has allowed her to be where she is now, playing competitively and doing so on big stages like this week’s PGA Professional Championship.

“Steve McMillen, our Section ED, is incredibly supportive. He created my position knowing that competing was important to me. He gives me the flexibility to practice and compete knowing that I will get my work done.”

Jennifer cites her top three most special moments as a PGA member as, competing in the KPMG; competing in the PGA Professional Championship; and being recognized as the Northern Chapter of the NFPGA Section PGA Professional of the Year.

With so much already accomplished in her career, I was curious what Jennifer’s goals were going forward…

“I want to be a contender at the Section level and National level. My goal each year is to qualify for the PGA Professional Championship and the KPMG. The Women’s PGA Cup is also a goal. I’m in a good spot for this year’s event but there is still a lot of golf to be played.”

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